3 Types Of Wood Pallets You Can Use For Shipping

If you're in the shipping industry, you probably know the importance of transporting goods safely. Although there are many ways to do this, wood pallets are an excellent choice. These pallets come in different types, each with its own set of benefits. Using them for your transportation needs will make the process safer and more efficient. Here are three types of wood pallets you can use for shipping:

1. Stringer

Stringer pallets are made from a single piece of lumber cut into two parallel pieces and nailed or screwed together. They have four runners, or stringers, on the bottom to support the load. Some types of stringer pallets you'll find in the market include standard, heavy-duty, and euro. They're categorized based on the weight the pallet can hold.

Stringer pallets are ideal for transporting heavy loads such as machinery, furniture, and other large items. Their two-way forklift openings make them easy to load and unload. Professionals should do the loading to prevent the pallets from tipping over and causing damage to the goods. These pallets are also easy to repair and recycle. When they wear out, you can disassemble them and use their wood for other purposes.

2. Block

If you are looking for a solid and durable pallet that can withstand the rigors of shipping, you should consider using block pallets. These pallets are made from heavy-duty lumber and are designed to stack securely. Their entryways are also specially designed to resist side-to-side movement, further increasing their strength. They're also ideal for use with automated conveyor systems.

Block pallets come in three main subcategories: heavy-duty, light-duty block, and veneer core. Heavy-duty pallets are made from hardwood and are the most durable type. They can be used for both internal and external shipments. Light-duty block pallets are made from softwood, and although they're not as strong as the heavy-duty variety, they're still suitable for most shipping applications. Veneer core block pallets are made from hardwood and softwood and are affordable.

3. Two-Way

These pallets derive their name from their forklift openings, which allows them to be lifted from both sides. They are commonly used to ship goods over longer distances. Their top deck has a lip that keeps products in place while on the move, and their forklift openings allow them to be moved with a pallet jack or lift truck. These pallets are also reversible, meaning the loads can be turned over once they reach their destination. Two-way pallets are perfect for shipping heavy items. Since they are designed for long-distance shipping, they can easily handle the weight.

Wood pallets offer a great way to ship products. If you want your goods to arrive at their destination safely and securely, invest in one of these pallets today.