Tips For Protecting Your Items From Moisture Damage During Shipping

Protecting your items while they are being shipped is always a major goal when it comes to your business. Moisture damages are among the most common reasons for sensitive items to be damage during shipping. However, it is possible for businesses to effectively prevent moisture from damaging their products while they are en route to customers.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Using Desiccant Packets With Your Shipments

When preparing items for shipment, business owners will often focus most or all of their attention on preventing the items from being broken from impacts. However, moisture can damage these items in a number of ways. In addition to soaking through the packaging, condensation can also form on the interior of the package. Placing one or two desiccant packets in the shipping container can help to eliminate this problem by absorbing moisture from the air before it can reach your items.

Avoid Compromising The Desiccant Packs When They Are Being Stored

In order for the desiccant packets to be as effective as possible, they will need to have been stored properly. Otherwise, they will have already absorbed large amounts of moisture before you place them in the shipment. To prevent this from occurring, the desiccant packets should always be kept in airtight containers until they are needed. While these packets will usually be packaged in airtight containers, there may be instances where you will have some leftover. To avoid wasting these, they should be placed in a plastic airtight storage bin. Furthermore, you should write the date that they were placed in the storage bin, and dispose of them if they are not used within a week. Otherwise, they may not provide optimal protection when you use them for your shipments.

Determine Whether Additional Moisture Protection Is Needed

While desiccant packets are extremely effective at absorbing moisture from the air surrounding the item being shipped, it has limitations. It will not be able to absorb large amounts of water, which will still leave the item vulnerable to damage from rain, puddles and other large sources of water. If the items you are shipping at extremely susceptible to this type of damage, additional protections may be needed. For example, it may be necessary to invest in high-quality waterproof packaging. If you decide that these supplies are necessary, it can be easy to assume that desiccant packets will not be necessary. However, they are actually even more important when using this type of packaging materials as these containers will be fully airtight, which can make condensation more likely.

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