What To Know About Custom Packaging

While you may take plenty of pride in the products you manufacture, the same can't always be said of your packaging. It's easy to overlook how you package your products, but having the wrong kind of packaging can cost your business money or potential customers. If you are looking for ways to improve your company's bottom line or image, you should consider custom packaging solutions. Check out these four facts you should know to determine if custom packaging is the right choice for your business and customers.

They May Save You Money on Shipping Costs

Custom packaging isn't free, and in the beginning, it may seem like just another expense. However, once you perfect your custom packaging solutions, you may actually save money on shipping costs. For starters, you can get a better fit, so you don't use oversized boxes, which may inflate the price of shipping. Another cost to consider is packaging materials like peanuts, Bubble Wrap, etc. The more empty space inside the box, the more peanuts or Bubble Wrap you need to use to keep the item steady. Of course, more packaging material means more wasted money every time you send out the product. With custom packaging, however, you can get boxes of various sizes and shapes, making it easier to get a box that fits.

They Provide Better Security During Transit

If the boxes are too big and you don't use enough packaging peanuts or Bubble Wrap, you increase the risk of damage during transit. In fact, you may even think you have enough protection, but rough treatment during shipping can still affect the product. With custom packaging, however, boxes fit better, and you can request special foam inserts or other materials to help stabilize the product. This not only prevents damage, but it also shows your customers you care. If a customer gets a package that looks smashed and roughly packed, even if the product isn't damaged, they may feel you only cared enough to get their money.

They Can Be Used as Marketing Tools

Good custom packaging can become a marketing tool. At the very least, shipping with custom boxes, shows you care, which is positive for any brand. However, you can also use the materials in other ways to market or brand your business. For example, a company selling artificial suede and leather products may promote themselves as an environmentally-friendly company. Simply by using customized boxes made from recycled materials, they can help support their company mission, spreading their brand. Last, of course, you can use the custom boxes to put your business name or logo on the box to grow brand awareness.

You May Also Need Custom Labels

You may also want to consider custom labels. In some cases, it may be more affordable to purchase your custom labels from a third-party, but if you print a lot of labels, you need durable labels, or you frequently change the information on the labels, you may want to consider thermal transfer labels. You can purchase a special printer, which allows you to print totally customizable thermal labels. They withstand wear and tear better and can be printed in color, but only the more expensive models allow for multiple ink ribbons at once.

Custom packaging may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you consider all the benefits, it can actually help grow your company. You may be able to spend less on shipping and labels, and your customers are sure to be pleased with the care you take in getting your products to them. If you would like more information about custom packaging or you want a quote on custom packaging solutions for your business, contact a provider in your area or online today.