Tips To Reduce Your Company’s Shipping Costs

How long has it been since you reviewed your company's entire shipping process? If you haven't audited your company's shipping procedures in awhile, you should definitely consider it. Streamlining the shipping process is a great way to reduce your business expenses. Check out these tips to learn what type of changes you should make.

Organize Your Supply Storage Area

Organization may not make a huge difference in other departments, but a properly organized shipping department is a shipping department that isn't hemorrhaging money. Corrugated boxes, especially ones that are large or shaped oddly, can be difficult to store. If your shipping boxes, customized packaging, and other supplies aren't properly stored, it's easy for the space to become an overflowing mess. This could result in your department manager ordering supplies that you already have on hand and a decrease in production, because employees have to search for supplies they need.

To organize your supply storage area:

  • Choose a designated place to store your corrugated boxes and custom packaging, and organize them neatly by placing like items together. Make sure each spot is clearly labeled to make things easy to find.
  • Use bins and boxes to organize smaller supplies. Label each bin or box clearly.
  • Implement a barcode tracking system to make it easy for your department manager to see what supplies you have on hand. This way, he/she will know when it's time to order new corrugated boxes and other supplies.

Organize Employee Work Areas

Create designated work areas for each of the employees in your shipping department. Organize the individual work areas by stocking supplies that are frequently used at their station. This way, they won't have to search for the supplies they need for each shipment, which should increase your overall production time. Additionally, keep a copy of your company's current shipping procedures at each workstation. Encouraging employees to follow specific instructions as they box shipments will cut down on the use of unnecessary supplies or overuse of supplies.

Order Bulk Supplies

Order corrugated boxes and other types of shipping supplies in bulk to save money. It might not be feasible to order all of your supplies in bulk. Some things, such as oversized or oddly shaped corrugated boxes and custom packaging, may not be used frequently enough to order in bulk. However, you should consider ordering corrugated boxes in the most popular shapes and sizes, box tape, mailing labels, and packaging peanuts in bulk. Also, you may be able to score a discount if you sign a contract with a supply company ensuring you'll order a specific amount of products from them each month.

The fact is, departments that are well organized and follow clearly defined procedures are more cost effective. You don't need to majorly overhaul your shipping department to save money. All you need to do is determine which areas need improvement and make the necessary changes. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Packaging Center Inc.