Tricks To Reduce Your Moving Quote

If you have asked for moving quotes from several different companies, you may think that these prices are set in stone. However, moving quotes can be somewhat misleading, especially when you're comparing between estimates with different components involved. Here are some tricks for comparing quotes to find the best deal. 

Do the Quotes Contain a Standard Set of Ingredients?

Quotes can be especially confusing to compare if different quotes involve a different set of services. Sit down and decide which features are essential to your move, such as equipment rental and junk hauling. Discard the rest from your move quote, so that you're comparing apples to apples. 

What Happens When You Equalize the Number of Movers?

A big part of getting accurate comparisons is making sure that you're looking at the same number of movers. Each moving company may estimate the number of hours and movers that your job will need to give the quote. You may want to average these estimates to come up with a standard number of movers and hours, and then recalculate your moving quote's totals so that each quote has the same number of people and hours. 

Does Changing the Dates Matter?

For some moving companies, changing the dates can make a huge difference. Ask your movers if having the move on a weekday or during off hours would bring down the price, and substitute these new numbers into your quote. 

Can You Outsource Some Needs?

You can also save some money by using a variety of resources to meet your moving needs. For instance, find a low-cost moving truck service and swap this number in for any estimates where the truck was expensive. If your moving items contain something heavy like a piano, then consider getting a piano moving service; this could reduce the number of movers you need or the amount of equipment that you need to rent. Some shipping companies offer moving services, and it can often be less expensive to have certain items shipped in order to cut down on your truck size or the number of movers needed. Not all movers will let you combine services, so make sure to only include these values in your estimates for companies that will let you outsource some of your needs. 

So, getting the best bottom line on your moving quotes may take some tweaking on the quotes that your contending movers have given you. When you swap out higher priced components and create more flexibility in your moving plans, you can be sure to get the best deal possible.