Tips From The Pros When Packing Shipments To Your Buyers

Packing and preparing packages to send to your buyers takes a lot of time and effort. Be sure that you are using the right supplies and services to ensure your packages are arriving at your customer's door damage-free and on-time. Here are some tips for packing and shipping your merchandise.

Watch what you recycle. Using recycled boxes and packing material makes good sense for the environment, but be sure that used supplies don't compromise your product or your customer's satisfaction. Boxes should not have names, numbers, or bar-codes anywhere on them, and check packing materials to ensure they are clean and dry before using them.

Invest in quality supplies. Take some care into what you pack your product in, as it will only enhance the presentation of what you are selling. Customers will appreciate the little things, such as clean packing materials and sturdy boxes.

Buy plenty of bubble-wrap. Foam peanuts rub some consumers the wrong way, as they can be difficult to clean up and they end up in landfills. Invest in reusable bubble-wrap to make sure your customer's purchase arrives at its destination without damage. The bubble-wrap can also help to keep your item dry during delivery, too.

Protect your labels. Keep any bar-codes clear and accessible for postal carriers to easily scan and read. Use wide, clear tape to place strategically over the address label, protecting it from moisture or damage during delivery.

Think before going global. There is a lot involved when you sell and send packages out of the country. Be sure that you are privy to the shipping rates before setting your pricing to avoid cutting into your revenues. International packages are not always available for tracking or insurance, so keep this in mind before committing to sell to foreign buyers.

Go first-class. Make sure to compare pricing before settling on media mail service for packages. Often times, first-class is less expensive and may be eligible for tracking when sending packages to buyers. Also, some customers may appreciate the upgraded postal service which may compel them to purchase from you again.

If you ship a lot of packages to customers regularly, it makes sense to consult with a professional regarding shipping costs and services available. Hiring a professional may free-up time for you to tend to other aspects of your business, and leave the packing, shipping, and delivery of your products to someone else. If you insist on doing your own shipping, use some suggestions to make sure your package arrives promptly and safely.